The appeal of the casino sector is not limited to Las Vegas; it has established a considerable presence in Brazil.

Brazilian MPs in the Chamber of Deputies estimated that the whole value of the Brazilian gambling business will be roughly BRL 44 billion between 2021 and 2022.

They went a step further by distinguishing between legal and criminal gambling: unlawful gambling activities, sometimes known as black market gambling, totaled approximately BRL 27 billion. In comparison, licensed gambling establishments generated BRL 17 billion in income.

But what part do casino mobile apps play in all of this? How much is the casino mobile app market worth in Brazil, and how does it compare to other Latin American countries?

What is the value of the Brazilian casino app market?
Statista believes that the mobile casino gaming app business in Brazil is worth between USD 35 and 40 million.

Interestingly, over 50% of these earnings come from advertising revenue, with the remaining half coming from in-app purchases, which presumably include playing the actual games for real money.

When seen from a broader perspective, this accounts for approximately 1.53% of Brazil’s online casino market, a startlingly 24 Betting low proportion given the intimate association between casino activity and Brazilian customers’ frequent usage of mobile phones.

After all, Brazil has an internet penetration rate of 81%, with 173 million users, and ranks fifth in the world for total mobile connections, according to a research study conducted by online casino KTO, a website operating in the Brazilian market.

Why are the casino app numbers so low?
The figures are small due to the inherent limits of mobile gaming platforms, which provide a restricted assortment of app-based casino games, both classic and current. The only games accounted for were poker (34%), bingo (16%), and a few unique slot apps (10%).

The world of digital casinos appears to be evolving away from its previous reliance on app-based systems, with both casinos and customers apparently preferring

Mobile Web Platforms. This is especially true in emerging or partially regulated economies, such as Brazil and South Africa.

This technique handles the high demand for real-money play while also controlling the regular turnover of customers.

Simply said, casino enthusiasts like to browse sites, play their favorite games, and then move on.

They’ll return if they’re satisfied, but most people don’t see the need in cluttering their devices with too many apps.

Brazil compared to other LATAM countries.
Despite the low percentage of revenue that mobile apps contribute to the overall value of the online casino market as a whole, a Statista study shows Brazil topped the Latin America list for casino gaming mobile apps in 2021, generating almost 22 million U.S. dollars.

Projections indicate that this figure will steadily rise, with a potential total of 39.5 million USD by 2026.

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